Tattoo design

I’m getting my zodiac sign (Leo) tattooed on me soon so I drew it instead of just copying something from google. I’ve wanted this for years so I’m finally getting it.

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Vans Shoes

My Art III class participated in the Vans Shoes contest where only 500 schools country wide were selected to do this. Our shoes were themed “Local Flavor” so we designed one into a corvette and one into a Bowling Green theme.

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Straight lines

My art teacher’s teacher “assistant” taught us how to separate lines evenly and connect them in certain ways to make it looked curved and complicated.

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Prom Makeup

Most guys don’t understand but makeup is hard to do and it’s not easy at all to learn how to do it. This is my prom makeup that took almost 2 hours to do while someone did my hair at the same time. I know it’s not a full picture but you get the point.

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